Essential Oils for The Mind Body Spirit: The Holistic Medicine of Clinical Aromatherapy (The Secret Healer Book 2)

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Author: Elizabeth Ashley

Edition: First Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 144

Publisher: Build Your Own Reality

Details: Number #1 best seller in US Philosophy category Dec '14

Essential Oils for Mind Body Spirit

The Holistic Medicine of Clinical Aromatherapy

Healing the skin, easing the tummy ache or getting someone to sleep is easy with essential oils. Anyone can do it. The joy of healing, though, comes from peeling back the layers of the disease, almost like a detective to find out exactly what caused it in the first place.

Consider this book to be lesson 2 in The Secret Healer Series.

You have mastered which oil to use for what and why...this book takes you step by step though the ancient healing mechanisms of the aura, the chakras and meridians but also explores how that ties in with the latest scientific discoveries into how the emotions affect our health. Using Candace Pert's remarkable "Molecules of Emotion" research, The Secret Healer shows you where to look for healing links and why.

    • Uncover how a certain recurrent negative emotion can be the trigger to make you ill?

    • Understand internal processes that mean that psychology, neurology and immunology are quintessentially, and inextricably linked.

    • Learn how to use essential oils control your emotions and in turn bring about a far greater standard of wellness.

    • Discover mind-blowing research that shows the emotions we experience are actually the sensations of neuropeptides triggering our organs to do their jobs

  • Reflect on the wonder of Chinese medicine and ancient healing being completely accurate in their healing mechanisms for thousands of that science proves it to be so.

Essential Oils for The Mind Body Spirit couples ancient wisdom with cutting edge science. This is the knowledge the drug companies hope you never find out and our doctors pray we all will.

A short write up, for a book that will change your life. I promise you, when you read the latest findings of psychoneuroimmunolgy, you will never waster another day on being angry again.

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